[aprssig] findU radar

Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
Tue Jan 31 15:36:04 EST 2006

I dunno ... the map display on MY APRS WX  seems just fine.


Richard Amirault              N1JDU
Boston, MA, USA          Go Fly A Kite
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From: "Steve Dimse" 
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 3:02 PM
Subject: [aprssig] findU radar

> Geez, no one must be paying attention, a CW stations emailed me this  
> morning that findU's weather radar is broken!
> Seems that 6 days ago the NWS stopped updating the radar images findU  
> supplies, for example look at the date on
> http://www.srh.noaa.gov/radar/images/DS.p19r0/SI.kbyx/latest.gif
> It seems NWS has completely switched over to the new display method  
> they have been testing for a year or so, which uses overlays, and my  
> be tough for findU to access.
> http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ridge/radar.php? 
> rid=byx&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=no
> I still have very little free time, what time I have for the hobby is  
> devoted to preparing for the SuitSat event in a few days  
> (www.suitsat.org)
> If someone wants to play with this and figure out how to just grab  
> the images, it would be much appreciated, Perl code especially welcome.
> Steve K4HG

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