[aprssig] findU radar

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Jan 31 15:02:17 EST 2006

Geez, no one must be paying attention, a CW stations emailed me this  
morning that findU's weather radar is broken!

Seems that 6 days ago the NWS stopped updating the radar images findU  
supplies, for example look at the date on


It seems NWS has completely switched over to the new display method  
they have been testing for a year or so, which uses overlays, and my  
be tough for findU to access.


I still have very little free time, what time I have for the hobby is  
devoted to preparing for the SuitSat event in a few days  

If someone wants to play with this and figure out how to just grab  
the images, it would be much appreciated, Perl code especially welcome.

Steve K4HG

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