[aprssig] APRS in a Car

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 29 20:26:23 EST 2006

AA3JY at Winlink.org wrote:
> Dave wrote:
> A lot of modern cars do not have "Always on" power ports any more.  It
> seems to depend on the philosophy of the individual maker.  The Honda
> Accord I have now does not.  Other cars I've had in the last 5 years
> have..
> ================
> You think that is bad...
> BMW's single-wire, CAN-bus electrical system, which greatly reduces the number of wires used in the main harness and dramatically reduces weight and complexity.  Part of the CAN-bus is a new fully electronic instrument cluster featuring Info-Flatscreen for additional system information available at a glance.
> One would wonder if RF will have any affect on this new system...
> Regards,
> Clay AA3JY
> (via WL2K)
I have heard that BMW has tested some cars in a high RF facility similar 
to what the military does.
I have great faith in the CAN systen. But can not afford one.
It has been used for over 10 years now. Some one should have heard some 
rumers by now.
It is not a new system.

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