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Many cars come with GPS navigation systems from the factory.  There is no
federal law to my knowledge with respect to GPS or laptops.  The laws with
respect to TVs are state laws.  Note that the catch all careless driving
state laws can be applied to use of any radio, phone, laptop, etc. if the
circumstances warrant.  The federal license does not pre-empt state driver
safety laws.


73, ---Ken W2KB



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I appreciate the intent of a NO TV Law in sight of the driver but wonder if
there is a Federal Law governing APRS/GPS lap tops in the front seat of a
car.  After all we are Federally licensed.  I usually keep my lap top on the
passenger side floor out of the way and refer to it while stopped at traffic
lights or listen for the verbal commands as to turns etc.  There is no way
anyone could type while in motion anyway.



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