[aprssig] > 1. VHF Aircraft Freq.s

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 24 21:38:27 EST 2006

K. Mark Caviezel wrote:
> I've used: 
> air-to-ground - AM VHF freq... pilot needs to decide
> which freq.  (no claimed knowledge here).   pilot uses
> the normal aircraft radio.... persons on ground use AM
> reciever. 
> ground-to-air- ham VHF or UHF.  'ear bud' type mic
> under the pilot's muffs. 
> this bypasses the next problem of how in the world do
> you interface the aviation style noise cancelling mic
> to a ham HT. 
> 73s 
> - KMC ng0x 
If you understand every thing it can be done.
  Civilian aircraft and military aircraft use different mike systems.
Civilian aircraft uses WW-II type carbon equivalent mikes.
They can be used with most H T. with the proper attenuation.
The best way is to use a separate noise canceling mike with the ham HT.
I use a military mike on my stuff, but have some carbon equivalent stuff 
hooked up.
You can match any thing to any thing , but it is a hassle.
Most good commercial noise canceling mikes for aircraft cost more then a 
Ham radio you want to put it on.

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