[aprssig] Re: Anyone running APRS on a LCD in a car ?

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Tue Jan 24 20:43:07 EST 2006

Mostly because no matter what you outlaw you can't outlaw stupidity. While I
don't think it's a good idea to watch anything other than the road while
your driving there is a place and time for everything. I find it interesting
that most Police Departments have not only laptops but pagers, cell phones,
two radios and an AM/FM radio in their cars. Yet strangely enough you don't
hear of a lot of accidents with police officers being distracted by LCD
screens. It's not the device that's the problem it's the idiot behind the
wheel that thinks the LCD is more important than driving. And since you
can't outlaw stupidity it looks like a no win situation.

FYI: The last I heard the number one distracting item in a car was the AM/FM
radio and not a cell phone or any LCD screen. When the AM radio was first
introduced to the car there was some talk about banning it because of it's
ability to distract.

Hope I don't come off sounding like a flamer...I'm not...it's just a subject
that's close to my heart because our state is considering such a ban and
like the other state mentioned they aren't thinking it through.

If they pass the law to ban LCD's and etc...where will it end? Items that
could be next on the list of distracting items could be: Mini Skirts and low
cut blouses, Big Macs, Slurppies, Big Gulps, CD Players, Makeup, Crying
Babies and poopy diapers, Billboards, Loud Car Stereos, Police Sirens,
Flashing Lights, Blimps, GPS'sss, Cigarettes, Bright Sunny Days, Kids
playing in the street, UFO's, Low Flying Planes, Smog, Fog, Rain, and Snow.
Looks to me like since we won't ever completely get rid of distractions that
maybe we should educate our drivers better on how to handle distractions in
the first place. When I drive my cell phone (or amateur radio) is secondary
and I don't have to answer a question right now I can wait until the roadway
traffic clears to respond.

Ops sorry I'll get off my soap box now.

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>     I don't understand why you are so cynical about it.  I'd
> rather you not
> be focusing on a computer screen or television while you are
> driving if I am
> anywhere in the vicinity.
>     73,
> Fred, WB4AEJ
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> > FWIW:
> >     Our state legislature (the best money can buy) here in Illinois has
> > decided that it is illegal for the driver of a vehicle to be able to see
> an
> > onboard TV screen or computer screen while operating a vehicle. This is
> very
> > discouraging to me as I have been running APRS on a laptop,
> usually on the
> > passenger seat, for many years.
> >     This kind of puts the kibosh on running a lot of the newer gear that
> > have a screen built in. I don't know if anyone has challenged this ill
> > conceived law yet.
> >
> > 73,
> > Al, K9SI
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