[aprssig] Negative Fuses

Ron rgilson at adelphia.net
Tue Jan 24 19:45:12 EST 2006

While I would not want to burn up my D700 or car,  I can't help but wonder why for many many years Motorola or GE  never put a fuse in the ground of their commercial radios(tubes and transistors).  I don't remember a single case of a destroyed radio or fire in a vehicle.  Kenwood about 15 years ago included a fuse in the negative lead, but before that no one seemed to worry about the "Floating Ground".  Has the automotive industry just gotten sloppy or what is the difference?  Today many cars and trucks have a heavy ground to the engine block and a light wire to the body.  Radio shops always got + directly from the battery and negative from the metal case and a lead to the car frame (no fuse).  Today, most radio shops go to the fuse block and any convent metal dash support.
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