[aprssig] VHF Aircraft Channels

Ken Kinyon w7ts at comcast.net
Tue Jan 24 11:25:36 EST 2006

Hi Bob,
I recently retired after 30+ years in air traffic control.  My advice is
don't even think about it.  the possible consequences of any spurious
radiation could be very serious.  If this airplane is government property, I
would look into using government radios on government UHF aircraft
frequencies.  Most military owned aircraft are equipped with them even if
they normally use VHF for ATC.
Ken W7TS

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>Hummh... We all have these radios that tune the
>118-137 MHz AM aircraft band...  But what channels
>are available to communicate plane to plane or
>plane to ground?
>Our aerospace department has a plane they fly
>occasionally for flight studies.  What channel
>can I talk to them on to coordinate some GPS
>experiements for example?  (That isnt too

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