[aprssig] Queries

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 23 14:06:44 EST 2006

Ah, thanks...

Its in the original PROTOCOL.TXT file about 80% 
near the bottom.   The TAPR spec was derived
from this original document.  We are still finding
details that didnt make it into the formal document...

>>> "Scott Miller" <scott at opentrac.org> 01/23/06 1:08 PM >>>
> Just a note.  The response to a ?APRS? is supposed
> to be random over the next 2 minutes so there are
> not as many collisions.  Bob, WB4APR

Is that in the spec somewhere?  I don't see it.  It seemed logical to me
that there should be a certain amount of random holdoff, but I didn't see it


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