[aprssig] Another Gate Delay Source

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Mon Jan 23 11:58:52 EST 2006

The KISS specification uses the same byte to indicate start and stop.
It is also not necessary for there to be individual start and stop bytes
(the next packet's start byte can be the previous packet's stop byte).
There are many issues that could cause delays in character receipt from
the TNC so simple timing loops might cause other issues.  If you wish to
learn what the KISS protocol is, Google "KISS AX.25 TNC" (without the

The issues that I posted are for informational purposes only and were
not intended to spark debate on how individual software authors could or
could not circumvent individual bugs in the numerous device drivers out
there.  Any of those issues are best handled on the various
software-specific lists.


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> That is very interesting!  Do you know if there is a specific 
> byte used to terminate such (KISS) packets?  I ask because 
> then it might not be to hard to test for this.

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