[aprssig] Another Gate Delay Source

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Mon Jan 23 07:59:26 EST 2006

I discovered one type (MosChip) of USB-serial converter could be put
into a condition where it was always one packet behind if the computer
became heavily loaded (another type (Prolific) would fail entirely)
using the latest drivers on Windows XP.  Simply closing and opening the
port returns the port to normal operation.

I bring this up to let people know of one more source to look at if you
suspect your station is delaying packets.  What is very deceiving about
this problem is that you might see the packet displayed in an
"appropriate" amount of time, but not realize that the last instance of
the packet (after multiple digipeats) has been delayed until another
packet is heard.  On a lightly used channel, this could be a significant

Other causes for delays have been discussed already on this SIG.  I
mention this for you to add to your diagnostics list of things to
potentially investigate should you suspect a problem.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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