[aprssig] station filter

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Thu Jan 19 23:52:34 EST 2006

Yes Ian,

Just setup your TCP connection to connect to a APRSServer port 14580. 
Then after connecting send a message to SERVER and in the body of the 
message, type "filter r/42/-88/100 -p/cw" and send it. Without the 
quotes of course. You filter string can be what suits your reguirements.

I added the aprsserver to the APRSERVE.txt in the WinAPRS folder and 
then it is listed as an option when you want to connect to TCPIP

Good luck,


Ian wrote:
> Can this be done with WinAPRS?
> 73, Ian N8IK
> Ron Stordahl wrote:
>>With the APRS-IS Port 14580 service I am using the javAPRSFilter filter 
>>a/51/-102/43/-90.  However I would like to exclude 'calls' beginning 
>>with CW.
> Instead of -b, we've been using -p/CW to exclude the CWxxxx prefixes. 
> It's a great addition to the filter program.
> Bill

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