[aprssig] javaAPRSFilter

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Thu Jan 19 15:39:50 EST 2006

every filter could be used as negative for exclusions, use just -b/CW*

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> With the APRS-IS Port 14580 service I am using the javAPRSFilter filter 
> a/51/-102/43/-90.  However I would like to exclude 'calls' beginning 
> with CW.  The Budlist  filter it would appear can be set only to pass 
> matches.  Is there anyway to reverse this, i.e. to have it act as a 
> reject filter rather than a pass filter?  The ability for any of these 
> constructs to offer either pass or reject would be very useful.
> Ron Stordahl, N5IN
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