[aprssig] Tablet PC and APRS

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 16 14:26:17 EST 2006

The big problem with a tablet PC (at least the HP TC1100 I have, but I 
suspect that this is a generic issue) is the lack of a serial 
port.  Tablets are designed to be handheld without a lot of wires hanging 
from them.  Mine has a pair of USBs, a PCMCIA slot and network jacks, etc., 
but no serial or parallel port.

Sure, you can get a USB<>serial widget, but now you've added another piece 
of gear to carry.

I suppose one could use VOX into an HT from the tablet's line in/headphone 
audio ports and a "soundcard modem" type thing, and a USB GPS (or a PCMCIA 
GPS).  Interesting idea.  Even better would be if you had a bluetooth GPS 
and a bluetooth HT.  Or, even, 802.11.

I expect bluetooth in ham gear about the same time we see flying pigs, even 
though it's an obvious enhancement.  I'd love my mobile rig to have a 
bluetooth audio interface that would sensibly interact with either the 
bluetooth in my car, or a bluetooth headset.

(yes, I know someone has used a standard jabra BT headset with the 
cellphone dongle to work into a ham rig, but there we are... more odd 
shaped widgets and cables hanging around... HTs don't use the standard 
cellphone 3 or 4 conductor micromini plug, nor do they understand the 

Jim, W6RMK

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