[aprssig] AO-51 is in APRS packet mode again

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jan 15 12:19:54 EST 2006

For those APRS folks wanting to experiment with
9600 baud satellite APRS using their D7 or D700,
the ECHO satellite AO-51 is back in APRS digipeater
mode.  Freqs are 435.150 +/- 10 KHz doppler and
uplink is 145.86 using the path VIA PACB-1

Just set your APRS D7 or D700 APRS menu item
to 9600 baud instead of 1200 baud and change
yoru path to VIA PACB-1 and the uplink should
work just fine.  The problem is the weak downlink
you will only hear a few times a day in the middle
of the two best passes of the day.  The rest of
the time, you probably need a better antenna.

But if we have IGates with good antennas brining
the dowlink into the APRS Internet system, then
we have most of what we want.  A Satellite RECEIVE
system for APRS trackers in the wilderness that
can be captured into FINDU.

If you have a UHF beam (doesnt need to be a big one,
just a hand-held 7 elemet ARROW will do very well.
In fact, about 5 elements should do well...

de WB4APR, Bob

>>> "Jeff Griffin" <kb2m at comcast.net> 01/15/06 10:34 AM >>>
OOPS. I just worked AO-51. It  was back up in PACSAT mode last pass. The 
digi is also on....

73 Jeff kb2m

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Digital station setup help

> I too have given up on automated multi satellite digital operation. This 
> is not a problem as we don't have a whole lot of digital sats(PACSATS) 
> online right now. At the apex of digital sats their were at least 5 
> operational. As I speak this morning,  there are none. I switched to 
> single sat manual when I moved up to XP. There are ways to run auto, see 
> WiSP DDE , I haven't tried to as I have no need but there has been talk 
> about running it here on the SIG. I did a quick look but came up empty. I 
> use SATPC32 for Doppler, and ant pointing, and just run MSPE for PACSAT 
> use. Run WiSP for initial setup of MSPE...
> 73 Jeff kb2m
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> From: "James C. Hall, MD" <heartdoc at nwtcc.com>
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> Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 1:25 AM
> Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Digital station setup help
>> Hi Stefan:
>> This seems like the best idea for me as I don't plan, at this time, to 
>> set
>> up automated operation ... but it would be nice someday !
>> Thanks and 73, Jamie
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>> Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Digital station setup help
>> Hi Jamie,
>> One of the options is to use the programs for a single task (only).
>> Use SatPc for doppler control,
>> Use unitrac for the rotor, and use WISP only for initially setting up the
>> TNC and the satellites and MSPE.
>> When the sat is AOS just run MSPE for your TNC. Don`t start GSC after the
>> initial setup.
>> This works well for me, however, it means manually starting MSPE once the
>> bird is in sight.
>> 73, Stefan VE4NSA
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>> Subject: [amsat-bb] Digital station setup help
>> Hello:
>> I've spent a good part of the day trying to setup the software and 
>> hardware
>> so they will play nice together with Wisp. First I set up Wisp as per the
>> instructions in the new Digital Satellite Guide. Everything went smoothly
>> except the times for my chosen birds (AO-51 and GO-32) are way off - as 
>> if
>> the keps or station location (long/lat) didn't take. I'm using Wisp
>> presently as a demo until I get my registration from AMSAT.
>> I have been using a Uni-trac interface with my FT-847. I have been using 
>> the
>> unitrac applet and SatPC32 for voice operation. This requires me to run 
>> my
>> FT-847 direct serial connection to my computer, so the unitrac runs the
>> rotor and SatPC32 runs the radio. Now with Wisp, I have a 3rd program to
>> run. What is the correct way to interface all this ?? If I set the Rotor 
>> in
>> Wisp to DDE and the Unitrac Config file to DDE, I can track the bird in 
>> the
>> sky.  But what about tuning the radio ? I don't see anything in Wisp to
>> chose radio, com port, etc to Doppler control the radio, and I'm not sure
>> you can have 2 DDE links to one program.
>> Little help please !
>> 73, Jamie
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