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> It's a statistical world.  Just because something can be 
> shown to not "always" be true doesn't mean it won't work a 
> large percentage of the time.

It also doesn't mean, as you imply, that it will work a large percentage
of the time.  Let's take a look at some simple statistics: over 50% of
all the RF clients are either Kenwood radios running in APRS mode or
UI-View.  Neither of these will ever be "smart messaging clients" nor
will UI-View be a "smart IGate" per your definition.  Use of APRSLink is
pointed towards the mobile or portable user.  Their paths to/from an
IGate will vary greatly and the mobile can vary greatly over a short
period of time.  All of this actually makes your "smart" path operation
less efficient that simple "flood" operation.

> So we should continue to refine the software to make more 
> intelliget guesses.  That's what I said.

That is NOT what I said, however.  Using the "let's make 'intelligent'
guesses" method for determining paths will result in significantly more
packets being sent than standard flood paths simply because of the
number of wrong guesses it takes to make an "intelligent" one when
dealing with _multiple_ packet APRS messages.

We can talk about ifs and wishes all day long and it still doesn't
change what I said in my first post.  Before people go running out to
their radios to try APRSLink, they should understand what the
ramifications are in _today's_ world in their APRS LAN and what the
intent was of the authors.  'nuff said.

> PS.  Once we locals start using the APRSLINK and our local 
> equivalent for message announcements -- the next step is to 
> tie it in with Echotime on the local repeater.  *77* to hear 
> who has Email waiting.  This is starting to be fun.

A great application for Echolink (I am assuming you mistyped here) and
IRLP: having an email reader accessible to those networks which would
allow a person to check their Winlink account using a simple touchtone
sequence.  But, that is not APRS so best passed over to the Winlink


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