[aprssig] European APRS QRG in UHF

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 04:58:30 EST 2006

I was going to say, the "official" qrg, is too close to the EU wide low
power device (unlicenced) allocation, Traficmaster, garage door openers,
home and car alarms, and hoards of other "gadgets" etc.

Some of the alarm systems that use that sort of frequency, if they "see"
any RF not to do with themselves, instantly go to the Alarm state!  (Bad
design, but try explaining that to the non technical owners...)

Also in the UK, at the moment we can't do any unatended stuff at UHF,
and are unlikely to have that allowed in the forseable future.  All
because of a couple of muppets somewhere near South London QRMing the
"Primary User" some years ago.  It may have been unintentional, but it
was also unatended, with no obvious contact details, on one of the
intermediate 12.5k channels (where the "Primary User" lives)...
Effectively ruining years of mutual co-existance.  "We" used the
original 25k channels, "They" used the interleaved 12.5k ones.
Everything was happy, then our national society started proposing to
double the available channel count, and the above was the result!...

There are some remaining original 9k6 links about the country, but
scattered about the band on frequencies up near the top end of our band.

Nothing to stop us experimenting with ATTENDED links, on a 25k channel
well out of the way of other users though...  But any useful discoveries
would be unlikely to be of use to us in the long term here, sadly.

Dave G0WBX.

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> Some experiments on 70cm band with APRS in Poland run on 
> 430.650 with 1200bps. And this is not official QRG. Official 
> one 433.800 recommended by IARU conference Davos 2005, is not 
> used because of countless QRMs from remote devices.
> 73!
> Andy SP3LYR

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