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Hi Matt
            All aprs software is supposed to accept upper or lower 
There was  perposall by Bob WB4APR that lower case would mean that an 
operator is at the controls of the aprs station. The software is 
supposed to change the Upper case N,S,E,W to lower case if the mouse 
has been moved. If the mouse has not been moved in X amount of 
minuets then the software is supposed to change the n,s,e,w to Upper 
case which is supposed to signify that no operator is present.

I do not know if any aprs software implemented this perposall. I 
would guess APRSdos has.

On 10 Jan 2006 at 1:54, Matt Werner wrote:

> On page 23 of the APRS Protocol Reference v 1.0.1 it talks about
> latitude and longitude format.
> The examples given use capital letters for N, S, E, and W.  I do 
> see where the spec text specifically says that it needs to be 
> letters however - the examples just USE caps.  It just says the
> "letter E" for example.
> If a packet contains a lowercase n, s, e, or w, is it considered
> correct or not?  I know some pieces of software will accept it, 
> others do not...
> 73 - Matt
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