[aprssig] Spec question (Attended/Unattended bit)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 10 12:25:31 EST 2006


We had hoped that all software would accept
both upper and lower case.  And for that reason,
we were able to add in the user-activity bit
in APRS 1.2 without messing up any existing software.

THus a the  case of  "N/S" or "n/s" is what we have
proposed to use in APRS1.2 as the attended or unattended
bit.  Most existing software does not care, but we hope
all future software will recognize this bit.  The idea
bwing is that if the PC has dedected a user at the
keyboard or mouse, then the "attended" bit is transmitted.
If no activity is detected in 10 minutes, then the 
station reverts to "un-attended".

We use this so that when you take a quick-look at your
APRS map, you can select "attended" and see what
humans are actually on the air, instead of a bunch
of boring PC's.

de Wb4APR, Bob

Unfortunately, UI-view (which cannot be
upgraded) is upeprcase only and soare now using
to indicate

>>> kb0kqa at gmail.com 01/10/06 2:54 AM >>>
On page 23 of the APRS Protocol Reference v 1.0.1 it talks about
latitude and longitude format.

The examples given use capital letters for N, S, E, and W.  I do not
see where the spec text specifically says that it needs to be capital
letters however - the examples just USE caps.  It just says the
"letter E" for example.

If a packet contains a lowercase n, s, e, or w, is it considered
correct or not?  I know some pieces of software will accept it, where
others do not...

73 - Matt

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