[aprssig] Re: APRS-SCS Version 1.26 is ready for Down Load

kb2scs at optonline.net kb2scs at optonline.net
Sun Jan 8 22:25:22 EST 2006

Hi Jared, David and Danny

      Jared I agree it was nice to also meet you at Ham Radio 
University today. (See URL Below)

Thank you gentlemen for trying out APRS-SCS on Win2k.
The reports in the past that I have gotten was that the setup program 
failed to complete successfully. Now I have 3 reports not only did 
the setup program work but also that aprs-scs works in Win2k.

So maybe a service pack for Win2k did fix the problem. I have no way 
of knowing. Maybe the failures was because of corrupt Win2k systems. 
Again I have no way of knowing. 

So at this point I guess I can not say that aprs-scs does not work in 
Win2k anymore. But maybe instead "Your Milage May Vary"

Thanks again Guys.

On 8 Jan 2006 at 21:23, KC2MMi wrote:

> <<Note aprs-scs does not work on Win2k. So if you are using win2k
> please do not try to install aprs-scs.>>
> John, it was good to meet & talk today. I forgot to mention to you:
> I use W2K and had no problem installing APRS-SCS and at least 
>taking a look at
> the features of it. Since the core code of W2K and XP is the same 
>(NT5 /vs/
> NT5.1) unless you are *sure* there is a specific problem, it may 
>just be on the
> machine you tested on. Here, it certainly appears to work. Could be 
>something in
> one of the service packs fixed whatever the problem was.

Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
73 DE John  KB2SCS
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