[aprssig] Ambiguity due to GPS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jan 8 01:08:27 EST 2006

>>> scott at opentrac.org 01/07/06 6:52 PM >>>
>I disagree.  Any reasonable digipeater will buffer and 
>retransmit the packets together.

I may not be following the thread correctly, but if this
is referring to a tracker putting out multiple packets in 
a row, then one should be cautioned that all APRS
digipeaters use a Dwait of zero and will key up as soon
as the channel clears and before any other TNC's on the
channel.  This means that if a tracker sends two packets
in a rwo with even the slightest pause between them, then
only the first one will get digipeatd and the second will
collide with the digi.  

Maybe that is not what this thread is about, but
the sentence caught my eye as being possibly on
this subject...


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