[aprssig] Ambiguity due to GPS

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Sat Jan 7 15:29:48 EST 2006

  See below:

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>> I seem to recall Scott insisting that all other developers 
>> should change
>> their code to accommodate his proposed protocol, so I 
>> certainly see nothing
>> wrong with asking him to change his code to minimize the 
>> potential for some
>> of his users to trash local networks.

>I'd like to see that quote, Bill.  The only thing I ever asked for was
>compliance with the AX.25 specification - it was only an issue 
>with people
>who chose to set their TNCs to ignore the PID.  I don't want 
>to restart that
>discussion, but if you're going to be putting words in my mouth, you'd
>better be prepared to back it up.  Everything on this list is 
>archived -
>show me a quote.

I don't have the old emails, but distinctly recall you insisting that every
application should be modified to ensure your packets did not conflict with
theirs.  You couldn't understand why other developers would not agree to
your requests.  As I recall the central issue was use of your protocol on
144.39.  You could not understand why you couldn't use that frequency for
your non-compatible protocol.  Virtually all developers (including me)
encouraged you to develop the protocol, but asked you to use another
frequency.  As I recall, you insisted on using 144.39 despite repeated
requests from concerned developers. The thread went on for an incredibly
long time.  

You have been quick to criticize others, but are apparently not open to
discussion about practices you have implemented that may be harmful to
others.  I am hopeful this will change and we can encourage you to adopt
practices which are more in line with accepted APRS usage on 144.39.

Bill KC9XG

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