[aprssig] Spring-Summer 2006 Pacific Crest Trail Operation

Bruce Prior n7rr at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 6 10:58:42 EST 2006

I am planning a short-QSO CW operation (Exchange:  Callsign, Maidenhead 
Grid, Name) on HF and VHF/APRS during my 2006 Pacific Crest National Scenic 
Trail northbound thru-hike.

On scheduled weekdays I'll operate on:
7.030 MHz ± 1200-1215 PDT (1900-1915 Z)
14.060 MHz ± 1215-1300 PDT (1915-2000 Z)

and on Saturdays:
10.106 MHz ± 1200-1230 PDT (1900-1930 Z)

My scheduled days of HF operation are:

Monday, April 10    Tuesday, April 18    Wednesday, April 26
Thursday, May 4    Friday, May 12    Saturday, May 20    Monday, May 22    
Tuesday, May 30
Wednesday, June 7    Thursday, June 15    Friday, June 23
Saturday, July 1    Monday, July 3    Tuesday, July 11    Wednesday, July 19 
    Thursday, July 27
Friday, August  4    Saturday, August 12    Monday, August 14    Tuesday, 
August 22       Wednesday, August 30
Thursday, September 7    Friday, September 15    Saturday, September 23

I will be carrying an Elecraft KX1 transceiver with the new 80 m and 30 m 
module and internal ATU installed, so I will be able to operate on 80 m CW, 
75 m CW/LSB crossmode, 40 m CW and CW/LSB crossmode, 30 m CW, and 20 m CW 
and CW/USB crossmode.  I'll be using portable wire antennas for HF rather 
than backpack-mounted ones.  In the evenings I will be checking into 
appropriate 80 m CW (and occasionally 75 m LSB) traffic nets.

I will also be carrying APRS gear, a Kenwood TH-D7A(G). Try looking at:


Beginning no later than April 3, I will be transmitting my location 
regularly whenever I'm in range of terrestrial APRS nodes, or when I'm out 
of range of those, I'll be sending my position information through APRS 
Amateur Radio satellites.  If you save that URL in your favorites list, 
you'll be able to watch my Pacific Crest Trail progress on a combination of 
a road map, a weather radar chart, an aerial photograph and a topographical 

Through the APRS messaging system, I will be available to exchange that same 
Callsign, Grid and Name information at anytime during the trek.  The same 
system also allows me to send very short e-mails.  The total message 
allocation is 45 characters INCLUDING the e-mail address.

Please save this information and plan on contacting me during the spring and 
summer.  Multiple QSOs on different days and bands are encouraged.

73, Bruce Prior N7RR

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