[aprssig] Ambiguity due to GPS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jan 5 18:58:08 EST 2006

> His transmissions amount to about 16 packets per minute, not counting
> digipeats.  If we had multiple stations sending this kind of 
> data at this
> rate, the local network will quickly become unusable. 
> We really need to encourage developers to prohibit these 
> types of abuses on
> 144.39.  IMO, permitting a user to send such a volume of traffic at 10
> second intervals should be reconsidered.

I'm not opposed to adding more informative text to the manual, but I will
not *prohibit* the user from doing anything they feel is appropriate.
Sending 16 packets per minute on 144.39 is obviously excessive, and the user
probably needs to be politely corrected on that.  But I've personally
configured a tracker to send something like 140 packets/minute, which is
perfectly acceptable for telemetry applications on a dedicated channel.
Won't work too well with a digipeater, though!


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