[aprssig] Re: The best resolution of position from APRS

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Thu Jan 5 18:09:50 EST 2006


<<No, this [range circles, blobs]
 has been in APRSdos from the beginning.>>
  And....for those of us who kissed DOS goodbye despite our love for it a decade
ago, what authors besides you have given it ANY consideration? Bill Gates
actually lied to IBM when he promised a GUI in the first version of PC-DOS, it
wasn't delivered until some time later on and to this day, the graphics
capabilities of DOS and DOS systems simply are not up to what other systems
are/do. When MS "Live" (the Terraserver) and Google Earth offer DOS versions,
then I'll think about running a dedicated DOS box and APRSdos.
 Sorry, Bob, for me and lot of other people, DOS gets lumped in with Unix and
Commodore. All fine things--just not gonna happen here now.
 I give you credit for "doing it right" but how about getting some college
programming class to port APRSdos to Windows as a class programming project? Can
you challenge some programmers at Annapolis or anyplace else into doing a

<<APRSdos does not do this
for position ambiguities below 60 feet...>>
 And that's another problem, with WAAS GPS becoming the standard even for the
least expensive GPSes, there's a need to support at least DDD.MM.mmm all the way
to the display.

Incidentally...Did I miss it? Or did you never explain why or how your DD.MM.HH
format differs from the conventional DDD.MM.mm and DDD.MM.mmm to express decimal
minutes? I'm still confused over that.

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