[aprssig] Schematic for d700?

David Flood davidf4 at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 5 12:20:28 EST 2006

There's a full block diagram and full Pcboard layouts in the Service Manual.
That includes the TNC card which is separate from the rest of the radio.

The downloadable Service Manual on Kenwood's site doesn't have the layouts
or block diagrams due to them being 2 pages in size so you'll have to find
someone who has a hardcopy version and can find it (I've got one but it is
someplace under all the mess).

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Anyone got a schematic for the d700?  I'd like to investigate tapping into
the selected "databand" audio, or tapping into the serial data out of the
built in TNC.  Also, I wonder about going inside the newer radio that is a
d700 w/o the TNC and simply tapping off the disc audio from the left side
display.  Using the 6pin mini din w/o modification is not an option because
it switches sides of the radio when you select left/right display.


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