[aprssig] old formats

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Thu Jan 5 11:27:55 EST 2006

> With all the discussion about depreciated compressed objects I could not 
> help but wonder one thing:
> why the heck are we still suporting raw nmea strings, everyone knows 
> that it is a waste of onair time and is only suported by old tnc´s that 
> can be cheaply replaced by up to date trackers like tinytrack, 
> opentracker etc.
> If anything should be phased out it is that.

Usually I agree with Andre but there are two points here worth considering.

1.  Old TNC's provide far more functionality then the dumpXb trackers.  Mailboxes,
ad-hoc TEMPn-N digi's, 'receiving packets' for full applications.  Most folks
here know what I believe should be phased out. (dumb trackers...)

2. The raw nmea strings are the only source I know of that contains true
time-stamp information.  While not needed for basic APRS it is essential
to a project I'm working on.  So not all of those microseconds of air time
is wasted.

Bill - WA7NWP

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