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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 4 20:53:48 EST 2006

thanks.  When I am surrounded and everyone
is shooting, I may make mistakes when I fire
back in response....  Thanks for your
understanding.  Agreed, this is just not that
big a deal!  And it is easy to fix.  

Some say Kenwood should fix it.

I say we fix it in what we can fix (our software)
and not bust our heads against hoping that
Kenwood wil recall all 10,000 radios and
that 100% of all users will send their radios
back in.  Because unless every single radio
is upgraded then XASTIR is sending those
objects in the blind.

To me it is realistic to just fix our software and
move on...


>>> wa7nwp at jnos.org 01/04/06 8:40 PM >>>

> Arent we all glad that cooler heads prevailed and
> insisted on color being added as an OVERLAY to the
> B/W signal instead of a replacement of all existing
> hardware at the time!

They could never do that.  Right?  At least not until, what is the 
schedule today, 2009?

It's only a matter of time.

Same for APRS as we know it.

> That is what I am trying to do.  Make sure that
> additional precions for objects is added within
> the existing format so that no existing code is
> broken.

You're fighting the good battles but we (amateur radio) are losing the 
war.  We can't afford to put this much effort in to a non-issue.  If 
Curt wants to create a weird object or two - great.  I'll tweak my gizmo 
and drop a couple cherry bomb storm clouds on his zip code location when 
he does.  It's a non-issue and doesn't affect the zillions and zillons 
of folks on findu and the last 3 of us still doing RF.

Personally - I'd make it a compile time option in Xastir.  That would 
make it a conscious decision if somebody wanted it.  BUT IT'S NOT WORTH 
THE EFFORT.  Too many other worthy projects to engage.

I just hope the inevitable D700 replacement isn't a cell phone...


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