[aprssig] The best resolution of position from APRS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 4 20:36:13 EST 2006

> 1) Knowing that all existing users can and will be able
> to see anything they send that is in conformance with
> the spec.  It is very satisfying to know tht what you

And that works so long as the spec is redefined to mean anything the
Kenwoods can see!  We're back to Microsoft defining darkness to be the
industry standard.

> by the !DAO! proposal which adds 1 foot resolution
> without breaking anything that currently exists.

Compressed objects don't break anything that wasn't already broken...
Kenwood dropped the ball, and it shouldn't be the job of the APRS WG to
cover for them.

> This sounds to me like you have a financial advantage
> by obsoleteing the kenwoods.  TO me that smacks
> of self-interest.  You bash the kenwoods and then
> try to get everyone to buy your tracker.... becuase
> it will use an object format that none of none of
> the kenwoods can see.

I have no power to make the Kenwoods suddenly stop working for what they've
always done.  I'm not changing the APRS spec.  
If you mean obsolete in the sense of having been surpassed by something
else, well... I can't help that.  3.5" floppy drives are obsolete by that
definition, but it doesn't stop anyone from using them, and it won't stop me
from using a USB flash drive.

I had no intention to start a flame war by adding support for the compressed
object/item formats.  They're in the spec, and I'm trying to be as complete
in my implementation of the spec as I can, within the constraints of a
system with 60k of flash.  I really don't give a damn what portions of the
spec the Kenwoods do or don't implement.  Just like Xastir, I'll make the
compression a configuration option, and the end users can do with it as they
see fit.

The Kenwoods don't delete killed objects and items either.  Are we striking
that from the spec next?  After all, it's bound to create confusion when
Kenwood users start seeing objects that aren't there to everyone else.


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