[aprssig] The best resolution of position from APRS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 4 19:28:29 EST 2006

> It does NOT  hold anyone back except those who lack 
> the creativity or willingness to use the ample free-fields 
> provided for future expansion in just about every format.

So do we have a list of 'safe' ratified formats?  Those we can implement
without worrying about them being yanked in the future?  Compressed objects
are in the spec, it's not like Xastir came along and decided to do something
new.  And I've said it before, but if we're going to keep adding extensions,
why not come up with a consolidated format?  We've got !DAO! and /A= and
such, with no consistency in delimiters or anything.  If you must tack on
more stuff, do it in a uniform manner.


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