[aprssig] The best resolution of position from APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 4 12:07:40 EST 2006

>>> "Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> 01/04/06 11:36 AM >>>
>Where do you invent this gibberish Bob? 
> This is what I said,
>"Once we implement the new high-res spec-ok'ed method 
>in Xastir I'd probably still tend to use Base-91 Compressed 
>objects/items due to the number of people using UI-View32 
>in our area who wouldn't have access to the new method."

I read that as a causitive statement implying that "once"
meaning "if" you ever implemented it....

>Tell me where it says we won't implement it.

Tell me where is says you will?

I read it as conditional and further wheteher you implement it
or not is not of concern to me.  What is of concern is your
statement that you will probably continue to use the depricated
compressed format that is KNOWN to be broken on the air
and not viewable to 85% of our mobile users.

Im just trying to do what is best for the APRS comunity,
including thousands of kenwood users to make sure that
everyone sees at least what they see now.  And not use
formats that cannot be seen by a large number of users..


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