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> Subject: RE: [aprssig] Re: The best resolution of position from APRS
> >BTW, there are only 5,691 [kenwoods] out of 25,016 total stations.
> Ah, but how many USERS are represented by those 25,000 
> stations?  I routinely operate 6 stations under my call.
> I would say that 25,000n stations represents about 10,000 
> users.  That means that MORE THAN HALF OF ALL APRS users use 

No, you failed to use any logic at all here (gee, I'm surprised).  Many
of us own multiple Kenwoods (I own a D7 and a D700).  Just for the
record on the database scan I just ran, there are 4979 unique callsigns
(eliminated duplicate SSIDs) running Kenwood radios in APRS mode as
5,705 stations out of the 17,749 unique callsigns operating 25,054
stations.  Hope this clarifies the numbers for you.  This means (to use
your shouting text) that LESS THAN 28% OF ALL APRS USERS (ignoring ALL
OF THE USERS who do NOT transmit a position such as web users and
clients in monitor-only mode) use a KENWOOD.

> >With a lot of tweaking and interpretation that must be done 
> manually as 
> >most software has never implemented your idea and the Kenwoods 
> >definitely don't implement it.
> Ah, but that is what we have computers and software for.
> XASTIR and all other authors could implement the !DAO!
> format overnight,and instantly have 1 foot resoultion plus 
> datum and no one has to do anything manually.  And all of 
> their users that want it, can download the new version the 
> next day.  Yet, all the Kenwoods will still see these objects.

Gee, why don't you use the same logic for the Kenwoods?  Oh yes, you
have to save face with them because you are afraid to ask them to fix
their firmware...

> What XASTIR wants to seem to do is keep using the depricated 
> obsolete compressed compressed object format and complain for 
> years because Kenwood wont make their radios compatible with it.

It is only deprecated because YOU say so to accommodate a Japanese radio
manufacturer who didn't program the radio to full compliance.  This is
back a..wards.

> I wish they would just implemnet !DAO! and lets keep everyone 
> that currently exists compatible and get on with life..

It would be nicer to get Kenwood to update their firmware, but this
doesn't server your purposes...  Easier to tell multiple software
authors to modify their software than to go to a single manufacturer and
tell them where their radios are not in spec, right?

Flame on...


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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