[aprssig] WARNING If you are using Streets&Trips 2006 orAutoroute 2006 READ THIS

KA8VIT ka8vit at ka8vit.com
Wed Jan 4 07:58:04 EST 2006

Hi Steve,

I wonder why you bother trying to convince people who have
their heads stuck in the sand ??!!

Thanks for the heads up.


Bill  KA8VIT

Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> 1)        As I mentioned in my initial post, many APRS users use this 
> program as an add-on to UIview or as a source of static maps (i.e. 
> screen caps) for other APRS programs.   The updated 2006 version of 
> this program, whose data files can also be used as-is (without 
> installing the program) to update previous years versions of both 
> MapPoint (used by APRSpoint and by UIview via UIpoint) and 
> Streets&Trips (usable by UIview) just came out a month or two ago.   
> Many potential users haven't yet discovered the invasive nature of the 
> 2006 version of this otherwise excellent mapping application.    Given 
> that APRS'ers are relatively heavy users of GPS/mapping products of 
> various types,  I feel it is quite relevant to APRS.
> 2)        There have been numerous stories in the computer trade press 
> about a) Microsoft hyping "location-based services" as the next really 
> big thing",  b) How Microsoft almost bought an adware/crapware pusher 
> outfit until adverse publicity in the trade press made them back down 
> and c) suddenly quit having MS AntiSpyware flag this particular system 
> parasite as questionable.  And finally d) remember it was Microsoft 
> that bought out Vicinity/Mapblast (as part of their "location-based 
> services" buildup)  and then cut off findu.com's use of the maps.  
> 3)       I didn't claim it was CURRENTLY "popping up ads". Only that 
> this is the basic commercial premise of "location-based services". 
> 4)       From my personal experience, I have seen the totally stealth 
> install, phony uninstall and other questionable behavior on SIX 
> different systems that I have installed Streets & Trips 2006 on.     
> This is not an urban legend or email-propagated hoax.  This is 
> first-hand personal observation on my part. 
> 5)     The overwhelming questions remain:  Why is Microsoft so 
> determined to force this thing onto systems without disclosing it or 
> offering it as an option in a "custom install"?   And why doesn't the 
> uninstall really uninstall it????


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