[aprssig] Re: The best resolution of position from APRS

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Wed Jan 4 02:11:12 EST 2006

On Tue, 3 Jan 2006, KC2MMi wrote:

> I'm confused by your "new" position spec, I don't find any definitions of your
> DD.MM.HH format. What are the H's for? And do you mean, a human has to manually
> translate the DD.MM format and then manually add the other digits, which are in
> feet, to the lat/lon displayed? It sounds like an inelegant kludge, if that is
> being forced on the human operator in order to accomodate the Kenwood
> limitations. (But, maybe I'm not at all understanding that right.)

I'm sure it could be done by hand, but the general method would be
to code that format into the APRS client itself so that the human
operator didn't have to worry about it.  Just turn on the "higher
resolution" togglebutton and the packet gets formatted for transmit
with the extra pieces on the end.  Those clients that understood the
extra pieces would show a higher resolution position, those that
didn't would show the position as if the extra pieces weren't

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