[aprssig] WARNING If you are using Streets&Trips 2006 orAutoroute 2006 READ THIS

A.J. Farmer (AJ3U) farmer.aj at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 22:09:57 EST 2006

On 1/3/06, Stan - N0YXV <n0yxv at gihams.org> wrote:
> As for the Urban Legend I'll leave that up to you all to figure out as to is
> it...or isn't it... ;-)

I have to admit, the original e-mail also set off my hoax radar.  I
did a quick web search and was able to verify (from Microsoft itself)
that the MS Location Finder product is an actual product which works
in a similar manner to what was described:


However, I have been unable to verify the claims of "reporting your
location back to Microsoft", "popping up ads on your computer based on
your location", lack of a proper uninstall routine, etc.  That part of
the e-mail I think is very suspect and very likely a hoax.  If anyone
can definitely prove these statements, please do.  But then again, why
are we wasting APRS SIG bandwidth with this non-APRS discussion?

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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