[aprssig] The best resolution of position from APRS

J. Lance Cotton joe at lightningflash.net
Tue Jan 3 08:35:01 EST 2006

Andrew Rich wrote:
> Which begs me to ask. What is the best resolution and how from the APRS 
> Spec ?

The best resolution is to use compressed mode. Unfortunately, several 
months ago, Bob said that no one should use it at all, lest the be 
tempted to use it on an Object or Item which wouldn't be decoded by the 

If we all used compressed position packets (on all but items and 
objects), all of our packets would be so much shorter and the 144.39 
channel could support more users (or rather could better support the 
existing ones!)

And we'd get the advantage of increased numerical precision, if not 
accuracy (depends on the GPS).

J. Lance Cotton, KJ5O
joe at lightningflash.net
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