[aprssig] Digipeater routing: "Get me to findu"

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> Subject: [aprssig] Digipeater routing: "Get me to findu"
> Here's my idea: don't make mobile users guess. The routing I 
> want to use from my mobile is, "Get this packet to findu."
> If digis knew how many hops away from an IGate they were, 
> they could write the proper number of hops into a packet that 
> arrived with generic "findu" routing. Mobile users could use 
> one route setting in any area, without wasting bandwidth in 
> the cities or having their packets die too soon in remote 
> areas. The right hop count would be automatic in all areas 
> they passed through.
> I don't know the limits of digipeater technology - is this 
> possible? I know that findu isn't the only use for APRS, but 
> for cases when you
> *do* want to reach findu, does this idea seem worthwhile? 

In essence, this is what the NSR algorithm does.  It relieves the user
from having to know the local network topology (paths).  The local
networks are tied together via layer 3+ networks, in your example:
APRS-IS (APRS on the Internet).  Through the "magic" of the Internet
network, findu (and every other station on APRS-IS that wants to see
you) will see your packets if the local digipeater sysop(s) is(are)
using the generic AX.25 digipeater (NSR) algorithm.  More importantly,
it provides local coverage to all users without interfering with
adjacent networks while giving everyone a gateway to the world network.
It also allows the local network, in an emergency, to support networks
other than APRS.


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