[aprssig] Global FRS radio like AVRS

Neil Johnson Neil.Johnson at erudicon.com
Sun Feb 26 23:57:45 EST 2006

Quote from Dingo's website:

"It is also ideal for business use. Manage sites in distant locations
and reduce your phone bills. With zero operating costs, it's the
ultimate freedom to talk."

I believe FRS isn't supposed to be used for business (wink, wink).
I supposed you could use it with commercial radios too.

"Dingo" makes me think it's an Australian company. Couldn't find an
address on the web site. A WHOIS lookup of "dingotel.com" doesn't return
anything useful.

Neil Johnson
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Keith - VE7GDH wrote:
> Bob WB4APR wrote on Feb 26 2006
>> Today at Best Buy, I noticed a little USB dongle that
>> included an interface to an FRS radio.  Then you use
>> your own FRS radio as a 2 way radio anywhere in the
>> world via VOIP.
>> Sounds like the license-free version of IRLP and ECHolink.
>> But for $54 I didnt bite...
> I believe that the DingoTel devices were mentioned on this list between
> Nov 11 - 21 2005. It's a VOIP adapter that can be hooked
> up to a radio. See www.dingotel.com/2way/index.asp
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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