[aprssig] W1-1 vs WIDE1-1

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Sun Feb 26 14:45:06 EST 2006

Robert Bruninga schreef:
> Pete is right.
> W1 is expaned. but W1-1 is not expanded...  Bob

Not with the TH-D7E and I guess also not on the original TH-D7A models, 
only the (G) models so it seems...

By the way, I like NOT expanding better, I hate it when a device tries to 
do something "smart" behind my back, I want to have control and if I want 
W2, then I want W2! That is, of course, unless expanding can be switch 
off, that would be the best IMHO...


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