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fred at wb4aej.com wrote:
> OK, 
>       I'm going to live with the crossovers.  I corrected the spelling error on the second page and I reordered them so that what was the second page is now the first.  
>       Additionally, I've saved it as a PDF so you folks can read it.  
>       However, I just noticed the 'audio out' connector on the second page (TM-211A).  I'm wondering if the 1/8" phone plug could be eliminated from the harness using it.  
>       Check it out at http://www.wb4aej.com/APRS/APRS_Harness.pdf.  
>       73, 
The "receive audio" or "audio out" pin on Kenwood mic jacks has been on 
some, but not all, Kenwood radios for decades.  It is very 
inconsistently implemented -- some radios have 50 millivolt 
non-deemphasized non-squelched raw discriminator audio here, others  
have higher level de-emphasized audio here and still others have actual 
speaker audio affected by the volume control here.  

Since I like to take advantage of this contact for a "one-plug" hookup 
for SSTV (especially for the Kenwood VC-H1 handheld SSTV device)  and 
packet, I have measured the type and level of audio available on the mic 
jack for many Kenwood radios.   On radios that didn't have any 
connection here, I added it.  The results of my findings are summarized 
in a PDF document on my website at:

Look for the link to the file  "  KenMic_RX_Audio.PDF  " .  

As is usual for PDFs on-line,  if you LEFT-click the link,  the file 
will try to open in your web browser, using Acrobat as a browser plug-in 
(if Acrobat is installed on your system).    A  RIGHT click will offer a 
choice to download the file for use off-line.

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