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  See below:

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>I can generate a table similar to
>http://www.aprs-is.net/wx/RIDGERadar.asp with the points needed for a
>Geo file (0,0 & 599,549).  However, I need to know: are the lat/lon
>coordinates used for the center of the pixel or the top/left,
>bottom/right corners of the pixels?  I am guessing that most people use
>the center of the pixel but I would like this confirmed.

The regular ridge world files reference the center of the pixel in the upper
If you look at http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ridge/GIS.html it includes the
following information:

Each of the RIDGE radar image has a "world file" associated with it. A world
file is an ASCII text file associated with an image and contains the
following lines:

Line 1: x-dimension of a pixel in map units
Line 2: rotation parameter
Line 3: rotation parameter
Line 4: NEGATIVE of y-dimension of a pixel in map units
Line 5: x-coordinate of center of upper left pixel
Line 6: y-coordinate of center of upper left pixel

The above clearly states "center of upper left pixel".

Bill KC9XG

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