[aprssig] Cable Harness for Digipeater

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sat Feb 25 18:12:00 EST 2006

fred at wb4aej.com wrote:

>      I have put together drawings for cable harnesses for each of two Kenwood microphone standards.  I did it in Powerpoint.  
>      You can view it at http://www.wb4aej.com/APRS/APRS_Harness.ppt.  
>      I'd appreciate someone proofing it for me.  If you see anything wrong or can suggest a better way of doing it, I'd appreciate your feedback.  
>      Regards, 
 1)    Indicate clearly which end of each plug you are looking at; i.e. 
from the soldering/crimp end or looking into the business (mating) end 
of the connector.      This is essential to avoid accidentally making 
mirror image hookups.  I always label such diagrams (many are archived 
on my website) with something like "Viewed from soldering end of female 
plug" or "Viewed from soldering end of male panel jack".  

2)     Powerpoint is not an appropriate format for Web distribution.  
Not EVERYONE accesses the web with Windows-based systems.
         A) PowerPoint is a Windows-centric proprietary format unuseable 
by  most Mac/Linux/Unix users. 
         B)  Probably even within the population of Windows users, less 
than 50% have this application on their system.    

You should export the image as a GIF graphic which will display natively 
in virtually any web browser on any platform with no additional programs. 

DO NOT export it as a JPG since this format (also universally supported 
on all browsers) is only intended for continuous-tone images (photos).  
Trying to JPG-compress line-art with abrupt black-white transitions like 
your diagram will only degrade the image quality.

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