[aprssig] RE: PCI Card

James Fuller (N7VR) n7vr at fuller.net
Sat Feb 25 15:21:36 EST 2006

Hi Fred,

I had one of the DRSI ISA and the DRSI PCI beta Cards. The problem was that
by the time they had the beta out, sound cards were being used and USB was
becoming common place. The DRSI company did not make it. 

Now days using a sound card or USB connected TNC is cheaper and easier :)

A dedicated TNC is helpful in a gateway situation. But I can buy a sound
board and run TNC in software for about 29.00 these days, it makes it hard
to justify a 100.00 TNC. 

Jim Fuller
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    I just saw a very old video (that ARRL is still selling) about Packet

    In that video, they claimed that a TNC that plugged directly into the
PCI slot of a PC was under development.

    Did that ever happen?  If so, who manufacturers it?



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