[aprssig] NWS Radar Images

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Sat Feb 25 11:17:31 EST 2006

A NWS Ridge Base Reflectivity Radar mosaic image for the entire US is now
See http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ridge/Conus/RadarImg/latest_Small.gif and

Sectional mosaic images are also available.  See

This is a work in progress. The Ridge team have promised to supply the world
files before long. Once those are available, these images can be easily
integrated into APRS applications.  In addition they intend to supply a
mosaic without the highway, political, and hydro layers.

NWSGet presently uses the Ridge files to supply Short and long range
reflectivity, Short range composite, Storm Relative motion, Velocity, 1 hour
precipitation, and Storm total precipitation to display the radar images as
underlays in UiView.  Once the new images and associated files are available
they will be incorporated into NWSGet for use in UiView.

See http://www.billdiaz.dynip.com for details on NWSGet.

Bill KC9XG

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>The NWS has made their move to the RIDGE products for producing radar
>images.  The NWS is, however, also producing composite images from the
>RIDGE data (radar over basic map elements).  jFindu 
>(www.jfindu.net) has
>been updated to make use of the new composite images (base & composite
>radar views).


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