[aprssig] New APRS Client, Request for Developers

Jim Andrews jim at stuckinthemud.org
Sun Feb 19 08:53:10 EST 2006

But conversely, most current boxed software is written in .NET and therefore
installs the Framework if needed.

I've written applications professionally (like many on this list) on Micro$
platforms for 15+ years. Latterly this has been using .NET (mainly VB.NET) and
never had a support issue with the Framework. In my experiences it's invariably
the application that causes the problem, not the CLR.

The main advantage I see of the .NET approach for an APRS project is the ability
for a development team to use whatever languages they are comfortable with
(COBOL or FORTRAN if you really want!) and still be able to bolt the whole thing

Bloatware the Framework may be, but the user only has to install it once on any
given machine and the application distro is very small compared with classic
Windows apps. Windows "out the box" my not have the Framework installed, but
once you patch your system with Windows Update (which you really _should_ do!)
you get it anyway, without being a computer guru.

There are valid arguments all ways, so how about different applications from the
different development camps? Competition is never a bad thing!

I would like to get involved in this project, as writing software for something
you are personally involved with and interested in is a lot more fun, however
the day job and other commitments mean I regretfully don't have the time :-(

Jim, G1HUL

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So will this require a user to download and install the .NET Framework
package?  If so, you're leaving yourself open to a nightmare of support
requests.  Personally, I won't touch .NET with a ten ft pole at least not at
home for hobby purposes.
Can you spell BLOATWARE...

If your final product won't run on a plain, out of the box default OS
installation it's in the same boat as XASTIR.  Most Hams are not programmers
or computer guru's.

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