[aprssig] Using a TNC as a CW Beacon Only

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sat Feb 18 18:06:36 EST 2006

I can't answer your TNC question, but I've been thinking about reusing some
of the OpenTracker code to build a CW ID unit using a single 8-pin IC.  It'd
just need a capacitor and a couple of resistors on the output pin, and no
external crystal or anything.  It'd have enough space for a few messages, so
you could select the message to send using 2 or 3 inputs, plus a trigger
input and maybe another input to select an auto-timed mode so you wouldn't
need a 555 or anything.

Programming it would require a small board to hook it up to a PC, but I
could offer pre-programming.  Does anyone have something this scale yet?
I've mostly just seen larger circuits with more external components.


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>      I am wanting to set up a beacon that would transmit (in 
> Morse Code) my ID every two to ten minutes on a two meter 
> simplex frequency.  I want to do this so as to be able to do 
> some coverage tests (Have the radio/ID running at a proposed 
> APRS location and drive around the area gathering signal 
> strength reports in the different locations.  It would not be 
> on the APRS frequency, but on a less popular simplex 
> frequency (probably somewhere near 147.5 megahertz where I 
> wouldn't likely be bothering anyone).  
>      Could a TNC-2 be programmed to send a Morse Code ID (my 
> callsign) every two to ten minutes regardless of whether or 
> not it receives packet data?  Or would it only identify when 
> it is processing packets?  
>      Regards, 
>                                            Fred, WB4AEJ 
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