[aprssig] APRS and EchoLink

Bruce W. Martin, KQ4TV aprs at almostanywhere.com
Fri Feb 17 10:38:47 EST 2006

The Vanderbilt University ARC has a repeater with attached EchoLink  
hardware. We also have an APRS iGate. Looking at some of the EchoLink  
documentation it seems to say that if you want your EchoLink repeater  
identified on the APRS network (RF or IS) that it requires a separate  
attached TNC and Radio and some specific settings in EchoLink. Is  
there not some way that some settings can be made in EchoLink to send  
the info via internet and have the iGate pick it up and transmit the  
info via RF?


Bruce W. Martin, KQ4TV
Trustee for AA4VU
Vanderbilt University Amateur Radio Club

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