[aprssig] APRS Channel Analysis

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 16 21:26:40 EST 2006

>>> ron.tonneson at gmail.com 02/12/06 8:53 PM >>>
>Is there a program that I could use to gather 
>information on the activity of my local digipeaters?  
>For example, how may packets were transmitted 
>in an hour or day.

APRSdos has several screens dedicated to network analysis:
HEARD              - shows packets per hour per station
Analyze-Counts - sorts the list to see the heaviest users
Analyze-Hops - shows map contours by color of number
                         of hops to reach a given digi area
Analyze-Path - shows everyone's paths and statistics
                        of usage of all the different paths
Analyze-Links - Traces the path of a packet on the map
Analyze-Range - traces all DIRECT paths to all digis.
                           Makes it easy to see what digis can hear
Analyze-Msgs  - draws a line between ends of QSO's.

You can see some of these on the APRSdos page:

All of these views of the network are built into APRSdos
(APRSmax version) and are very handy for viewing the 
performance of  the surrounding network.  Also the 
sparse uncluttered maps make visualizing the network easier.

APRSdos fits on a single floppy and is easy to run on
any old laptop back to a 386..
Just download from:


Then UNZIP it into an APRS directory using the -D option.

THen zoom around and play with the Analyze command.
use FILE-QUIT to exit.

I will eventually upload it to TAPR, but they have 
upgraded the PC and my password no longer works.

Bob, Wb4APR

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