[aprssig] APRS for a motorcycle - radios?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Feb 16 04:21:59 EST 2006

So long as the GPS receiver can do that.  Not all can!

Personaly, I'd have no problem having a tracker on the bike, but I'd
prefer to concentrate on riding the bike and not hitting anything or
falling off!  GPS, APRS etc, even voice comms, can take a back seat
while moving.  Thats just my opinion though.

On a technical note.  Depending on the actual bike, some of the 12V
systems can have quite wild excursions from the nominal 12 to 14V
compared to a car, especialy the smaller bikes with magneto/alternator
combo's.  Also vibration could be a long term factor in the reliability
and stability of the radio/GPS etc.  Probably only the big singles, or
older Hog's etc suffer that to a point where it'd be troublesome.

Anyone else on here got a MT500 or 350?

Dave G0WBX.

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> >I use a TH-D7A on my motorcycle...
> >Once you get your license you may find that talking is a lot 
> of fun...
> More importantly the TH-D7 converts all other APRS packets 
> received for display on the GPS Map.  This way, your GPS will 
> display where all the other APRS mobiles and motorcycles are 
> around you, (not just you).  Bob, Wb4APR

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