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Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Wed Feb 15 14:44:04 EST 2006

Thanks to all !

Audacity is what I am after - scrolling and zoom

Ta !

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"Audacity" is multi platform and does a good job.


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>  I am trying to capture packet audio.
>  Can someone suggest an audio software package I might use to capture
> and view a packet ?
> Like a storage CRO for the PC
> -----------------------------------------
> If all you want is to be able to capture and play back the audio
> received by the soundcard, even the basic Windows Recorder provided
> standard with most versions of Windows will do the job.  The limitation
> of 1 minute of record time shouldn't be a issue for capturing a few
> packet bursts.
> A bit more advanced utility that also has basic editing capabilities (if
> you want to copy and paste waveforms to assemble different sequences) is
> a shareware program called "Total Recorder" from High Criteria software
>     http://www.highcriteria.com
> This USD $15 piece of shareware embeds itself inside your existing
> soundcard driver and is able to capture and record, into a standard WAV
> or MP3 file,  ANYTHING that passes through your soundcard in digital
> form. This includes supposedly copy-protected webcasts, DRM-restricted
> downloaded music, etc.   It even has a timer function that can start and
> stop the recording at specified times.  The $30 "Pro" version has a
> VOX-like feature that can record only when audio is actually present.
> If you want be able to zoom into (and edit) audio waveforms all the way
> down to the individual cycle level, the audio editor formerly known as
> "Cool Edit" and now sold as "Adobe Audition" does an excellent job.  I
> have used it many times to cut and paste snippets of packet bursts to
> create custom Mic-E bursts.  A bit pricy at USD $275 or so but an
> enormously flexible program that puts an entire multi-track recording
> studio in you PC.
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